Bora Laskin Law Society | A forum for the professional, intellectual and social development of the Jewish Legal Community in Ottawa
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Our Mission Statement

The Bora Laskin Law Society (BLLS) is the primary Ottawa based organization seeking involvement from all sectors of the Jewish legal community whose purpose is to provide a platform for Professional Development, Professional Networking and Social Networking for its members.   Composed of members who are in some way involved with the law and who identify with Judaism, also including law students, retired jurists and judges, BLLS welcomes opportunities to engage in outreach and partner with like-minded organizations for the purposes of fulfilling its mission and objectives.

Membership has its advantages!


With lots of renowned speakers, fascinating topics, exhilarating social and community events coming up – Don’t miss out!

What The Bora Laskin Law Society Offers


Intellectually inspiring events gathering renowned authorities from around the globe to address contemporary topics of primary importance.


Engagement with like minded community organizations to promote cooperation by partnering in dynamic social and public interest events.


Providing an opportunity for members of the legal community to connect with one another at sponsored events to cultivate professional long lasting relationships.


Volunteering and participation in support of community organizations that service individuals who are disabled or underprivileged.


Eytan Rip 426×426

Associate Lawyer, Employment Law Group at Nelligan Law

Eytan Rip
BLLS Rebecca E. Rosenstock225x225

Founder, Rosenstock Law

Rebecca E. Rosenstock
Immediate Past President
BLLS Shira Brass 225×225

Associate Lawyer, Brass Law Office

Shira Brass
BLLS Cory Olishansky

Legal Officer - Environmental Law Division Canada

Cory Olishansky
Board Member
BLLS Rosalind Conway 1

Founder, Law Office of Rosalind E. Conway

Rosalind E. Conway
Board Member
Bruce Engel 12-22 336×336

Founder, Engel & Associates

Bruce Engel
Board Member
Howard Yegendorf2265x2265

Founding Partner Howard Yegendorf and Associates

Howard Yegendorf
Board Member

Partner, Denton's

Phil M. Rimer
Board Member
David Aaron
Board Member


Bora Laskin Law Society
200 Elgin St., Suite 202
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1L5